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Sycada Label

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help fight climate change – using advanced technology. Everything we do revolves around achieving this goal. It’s what ‘fuels our engines’ so to speak.  With DriveTag, we enable drivers everywhere to take control and reduce their personal carbon footprint and improve their safety, without having to give up driving!  We’ve created a product that is easy to distribute & install and fun to use.

Our Philosophy

Our mother company, Sycada,  has invested loads of time and resources in developing this low-cost and intuitive product.


Sycada develops technologies that contribute to reversing climate change. We work with public transport, taxi and city distribution, car leasing and insurance companies to help them move from fossil fueled to electric vehicles, we facilitate sharing of electric cars, and we help drivers become more energy efficient in the way they drive. In other words, to become more mindful drivers.

We save tens of millions of liters of fuel each year on behalf of our enterprise customers. And, of course, we cut CO2 and other emissions significantly at the same time. And this is exactly what we need to do given the fact that more than a quarter of CO2 emissions come from our road vehicles.


And by the way. We strongly believe that investing in sustainability is a sound business decision with a very healthy Return on Investment. In fact, we dare guarantee you that!

Want to know more? Visit Sycada’s website here.