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Frequently asked questions

Hi! Again, we hope you like working with DriveTag. Since we launched our product we have collected questions from users and wanted to share the most common questions and answers with you. Hopefully, this is helpful 🙂

The DriveTag measures your drive style based on braking, acceleration and cornering patterns. Are you accelerating in a controlled manner? Are your cornering manoeuvres too fast? Are you prone to braking harshly and repetitively? Together, these aspects form the ingredients of the drive style score. This score works on a scale from A (perfect!) to H (needs immediate remedy!) and from 0 to 100% where 100 is the optimal score.
The DriveTag app gives you real-time feedback on how to improve. You will receive notifications if you pass a certain threshold for braking, accelearion or cornering. In addition, we notify you if you break the speed limit on a given road segment. If you don't want to use the online feedback while driving, you can always take a look at your scores and journeys later to see where you can do a better job in the future. Take the feedback as a friendly advice and not a as strict referee.
The DriveTag is in contact with your phone and hence the DriveTag app. So when we detect an event (drive style or impact), the app will notify you. Soon enough, you will grow to know exactly when a drive style event has been triggered and a more mindful driving style will be adopted.
The DriveTag is a sensitive device and it will detect any external impact to the vehicle in excess of 2g. The DriveTag will notify you if it thinks you have had an impact and it is up to you to confirm or ignore that event. There may be a few false crash alerts in very specific situations, e.g. when you drive your car through a wash tunnel, but we will only administer the real crashes as confirmed by you. You can also complete a crash report using the app and forward this to your insurance company.
The DriveTag is extremely economical so it will have minor effect on your SIM costs. With the new European roaming agreements, you will usually not incur extra costs if using the DriveTag abroad.
The primary user of the data is YOU. We want to help you save on fuel costs, emissions, brake pads and tyres and you will notice these benefits soon. If you have an insurance policy that is based on telematics data, we will share your drive score data with your insurance company and with them only. Please refer to our Data Privacy policy for more information.
The DriveTag will save the duration of any journeys you make even if there is no smartphone present. We do urge you, however, to use the app during your trip to generate relevant information such as distance and driving score, and so that we can continue to give you the feedback that you deserve.
The DriveTag will save any journeys you made even if the app is not active. We can store up to 1.000 drive style events in the DriveTag so you should be safe for some time .We do urge you, however, to use the app as much as possible so that we can continue to give you the feedback that you deserve.
The DriveTag should not fall of your windscreen if you have used the adhesion tape provided along with the DriveTag. Should the DriveTag have been exposed to extreme heat or moist it could happen. In that case, please report it instantly to Support/Helpdesk. The DriveTag will have reported a crash at that time and we need to make sure we get the DriveTag fixed and recalibrated again.
Should your windscreen need to be replaced you can remove your DriveTag and attach it to the new window before you leave the workshop. You will need new sticky tape to do this.
There is a 1:1 relation between your car and the DriveTag. If you order a new car, you will need a new DriveTag to go along with your new insurance policy.