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Use Cases

Company cars

You may already have a telematics solution in place for your planning, dispatching and control needs. Certainly if mobility is part of your primary business process. But today, you do not have the capability to influence drive style, let alone giving drivers feedback and help them improve. And yet, your CO2 targets require you to greenify your fleet. Luckily, DriveTag is here to help!

Car Insurance

DriveTag is a small revolution in the market for insurance telematics. By measuring and positively influencing drive style, significant savings with regard to fuel usage, CO2 emissions and accident rates can be unlocked. This at a price that is significantly below black-box or OBD II based UBI offerings.

Company cars

DriveTag allows you to roll-out a Mindful Driving program at low cost and in a way that takes away concerns about data privacy. DriveTag can help turn your green intentions into green savings while keeping your drivers engaged and enthusiastic.


Extremely easy to distribute, to use, and with a low price point. Ingredients that allow you to go international with your Mindful Driving program within a very short period of time.


Download here a case study of VodafoneZiggo that explains the benefits of DriveTag from the point of view of an end-user.

DriveTag is:

  • Windscreen attachment, no vehicle installation required
  • Puts your drivers in control of their own data
  • Circumvents discussions about Privacy
  • Allows for enterprise gamification, bonus schemes
  • Multi-language App for iOS and Android
  • Full compliance with European GDPR legislation
  • Low cost addition to current telematics installations

VodafoneZiggo and Sycada have partnered up to promote mindful driving with the DriveTag.

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Car Insurance

Attaching a DriveTag to a car’s windscreen allows for journey-based drive style analysis.  It is always on and will register any journey made. Moreover, detailed crash recordings can be made available for use in a 
claims settlement process.  The App also allows for more frequent contact points with clients and fits well into a client care program.


The DriveTag communicates via low-energy Bluetooth link to the Smartphone app and via the phone’s SIM card to the central DriveTag servers.  Authorised users have access to vehicle and driver scores and statistics and reports.


The DriveTag concept is and exceptionally powerful UBI proposition that finally bridges the gap between hardwired and Smartphone based solutions!

DriveTag is:

  • No installation required
  • Replaceable battery (coin cell)
  • Same UBI functionality as UBI black-box and OBD II dongles, but at much lower cost base
  • Custom features in App possible
  • Crash alerts (FNOL)
  • Crash logs
  • Driver scores and statistics
  • Full back-end integration