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What do we offer?

You may already have a telematics solution in place for your planning, dispatching and control needs. But you do not have the capability to measure drive style, let alone giving drivers feedback and help them improve. And yet, your CO2 targets require you to greenify your fleet. Luckily, DriveTag is here to help!

The DriveTag concepts allow you to roll-out a Mindful Driving programme at low cost and in a way that takes away concerns about data privacy. Let's us help you turn your green intentions into green savings while keeping your drivers engaged and enthousiastic - we guarantee you, they all want to make a contribution to reducing their carbon footprint and making this planet a greener and healthier place to live.

By giving real-time feedback to people on their driving style, that is, on how they accelerate, brake, and anticipate in traffic – in fact, how they go about using energy – we save millions of liters of fuel every year on behalf of our enterprise customers. And, of course, we cut CO2 and other emissions significantly while doing it. And this is exactly what we need to do given the fact that more than a quarter of CO2 emissions come from our road vehicles.

Contact us for a discussion on how we can help you turn green intentions into real savings today!

Drivetag in a few key words

Extremely easy to distribute, low cost driver profiling concept that allows you to go Global with your Mindful Driving programme immediately. 

  • Easy to distribute
  • Windscreen attachment, no vehicle installation required
  • Puts your drivers in control of their own data
  • Allows for enterprise gamification, bonus schemes
  • Multi-language App
  • Circumvents discussions about Privacy
  • Full conpliance with new GDPR legistlation
  • Low cost addition to current telematics installations